Selling, building and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets


Cuisines Ambiance, based in Magog, Granby, Montreal and on the South Shore, specializes in selling kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Get good value for your money on all products and services.

Uniquely designed cabinetry

Equip your kitchen and bathroom with unique furniture, created especially for your space. We can build custom-made cabinets according to your specific tastes and plans. Our designers go on-site and take the time to listen to your ideas, and then bring them to life. We will discuss your new project or your renovation, and will ensure that our work meets your every criteria, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Whichever room in the house, we also take care of installation!

Imagine your furniture, we’ll create it

Vente d’armoires de cuisines et de salle de bain Magog
Vente d’armoires de cuisines et de salle de bain Granby

We can create whatever look and feel you want for your kitchen and bathroom. Trust us with your vision in terms of colour and design, as well as with finer details like finishes. Furthermore, we can work with various types of material, such as melamine, wood, laminate, thermo, polyester etc.

A wide variety of colours, designs and finishes

Enjoy furnishings that will best showcase your home.

Granby (450) 994-4384 - Magog (819) 769-0562 - Montreal and South Shore (514) 886-4531