Selling, building and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets


Cuisines Ambiance, based in Magog, Granby, Montreal and on the South Shore., has been manufacturing kitchen and bathroom cabinets for more than 10 years.

We handle projects for residential and multi-residential projects.

Get both a functional and charming kitchen

Everyone dreams about a beautiful, modern and functional kitchen. Hire our team and you could have one of your very own! As kitchen experts, we equip your space with furnishings to maximize comfort, practical use and style. In fact, we build and sell cabinets and counters that are as stylish as they are solid. We are also careful to create the necessary storage areas for your dishes, utensils, etc. Whatever the design, colour or size, we guarantee quality products.

Fabricant d’armoire de cuisine et de salle de bain Granby
Fabricant d’armoire de cuisine et de salle de bain Magog

An organized bathroom means maximum comfort

We also manufacture all necessary furnishings for bathrooms. Opt for an open and elegant bathroom by installing our custom-made cabinets. We carry a large selection of handles as well as various accessories to finish your designs. We can design perfect storage solutions for your towels, shower products, etc., without cluttering the room. With our handiwork, your bathroom will become a more organized and more comfortable everyday space.

We’ve mastered working with several types of material:

  • Melamine
  • Laminate
  • Thermo
  • Wood
  • Polyester
  • And more

Our stylish designs will last the test of time.

Granby (450) 994-4384 - Magog (819) 769-0562 - Montreal and South Shore (514) 886-4531