Selling, building and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets


Cuisines Ambiance is the benchmark for building custom furniture in Magog, Granby, Montreal and on the South Shore.

Having choices makes all the difference

For a work environment or a home space that stands out from the rest, order something custom-made. Personalize your furniture and be original! Our unique designs will meet your specific requirements in terms of size and dimensions. You will also be able to choose whatever colours and finishes best fit your style. Furthermore, you can select the type of material you like best for creating your original pieces.

We can accommodate any specific dimensions

Meuble sur mesure Granby
Meuble sur mesure Magog

Original custom furniture designed by Cuisines Ambiance

We have all the experience ​​​​​to bring your design ideas to life, whether they are simple or more complex. Our custom furniture will not only meet your current requirements, but our designs stand the test of time. As we build your custom cabinets, we are constantly paying attention to details and design. We equip all furnishings with handles and other quality accessories. We can adapt to any style: contemporary, classic, modern...

Any style and durable

When building custom furniture, you will have the final word on:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Finishs
  • Material

Be unique and decorate with custom furniture designed by the Cuisines Ambiance team.

Granby (450) 994-4384 - Magog (819) 769-0562 - Montreal and South Shore (514) 886-4531